2024 Honda Accord Debuts In Japan

2024 Honda Accord Debuts In Japan

2024 Honda Accord Debuts In Japan
2024 Honda Accord Debuts In Japan

The 2023 Honda model is expected in the United States in November 2022 with a new design, hybrid powertrain, and domestic technology improvements. It's time for the 2024 model to arrive but it's not ready for America yet. Instead, a 2024 contract is in effect in Japan, possibly providing a preview of some of the changes the American sedan will also receive later this year.

The available pictures show the car without any changes to the exterior, while the front fascia has small LED headlights and a hexagonal grille. At the rear, the taillights retain their coast-to-coast design with a strip of light extending near the central Honda badge. Other significant changes can be found inside, however. 

2024 Honda Accord Debuts In Japan
2024 Honda Accord Debuts In Japan

There is a new-look dashboard for the upper part of the cabin, which now offers a new bezel for the digital instrument cluster. And while the screen size remains unchanged, there are changes to the trim around it and Honda says there is now a 10.5-inch main display as well. Go left to the center console and you'll find the same 12.3-inch center touchscreen as the 2023 Honda Accord in the US, but below there are large circular buttons that replace the air conditioning controls. 

The previous design with 12 buttons and 3 small buttons is gone and there is what Honda calls Experience Selector Light or at least that is a rough translation from the Japanese. This is a multifunction dial that controls the car's heating, air conditioning, and air conditioning, as well as other important functions that can also be customized for each car user.

2024 Honda Accord Debuts In Japan
2024 Honda Accord Debuts In Japan

A quick comparison with the 2023 agreement with the United States reveals another change. The area in front of the center control arm is now cleaner due to the absence of the traditional mechanical shifters for automatic transmissions. Instead, it is replaced with four buttons: P, R, N and D. Behind it are the buttons for the driving mode and the parking brake.

The Japanese automaker says that the 2024 Honda Accord has two "newly developed" hybrid models, but judging by the available information, it is likely that the 2.0-liter electric engine will be installed in the tenth-generation model. one last year. In the United States, it rises to 204 horsepower and 247 pound-feet of torque. However, there is no mention of the 2.0-liter turbo unit, which has been phased out of the 2023 contract.

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