9 The Car Engine Maintenance Required

9 The Car Engine Maintenance Required

9 The Car Engine Maintenance Required
9 The Car Engine Maintenance Required

Take good care of the car's engine is an obligation for you car owners. The engine is a key component in a car. So take care of your car's engine just by extending the age of your car by yourself. Perform engine maintenance the car should not by taking it to a garage continuously. You can make your own at home treatment that is easy to do. The most important is the condition of the engine could always awake well performance always maximum at any time. Here are some ways to take care of machines that must be done:

Change the Oil Regularly

One of the easy ways that you can do to take care of your car's engine oil replacement is to do periodically. A prime car engine conditions certainly impacted from oil used. Replacement of oil usually depends on the type of oil used. Engine oil replacement is normally done at a distance of 3000 km – 5000 km. Oil has a function to withstand friction while the machine is working. To that end the importance of paying attention to the condition and the type of oil used. There is plenty of oil the best car that you can select in the market. A quality oil will certainly maintain the condition of the car's engine remains primed and working optimally.

Check the radiator fluid

Other car engine maintenance can be done by checking the radiator fluid. The radiator itself serves to neutralize the heat is on in the car's engine. So be sure always to check your car's radiator water routine. When the liquid in the radiator is empty then this will cause an engine overheat which later became damaging the machine periodically. Not only is it just lack a liquid radiator would be very dangerous when ridden. It's important to do some checking the radiator fluid on a regular basis to maintain optimum performance radiator fixed.

To check for water in the radiator can be done by opening the radiator Cap. But to remember is do not open the radiator Cap when the engine is hot or the condition of being turned on. In addition it is recommended to succeed or to drain the water in the radiator when it travels a distance of 1,000 km in so important for car owners know how to replace the water radiator.

Check the car starter

Try to turn on your car's engine, if the engine is hard to of starter then chances are if there are damages on it. This could be due to supply the fuel or air is reduced. Try to check the filter with the filter unplug and try to clean it using a brush or a toothbrush. However, if the condition of the engine was still difficult to of starter, then immediately take it to the nearest car repair shop.

Check the timing belt

The timing belt is a component in a car that has the function of the forward rotation of the gears attributed in part to the internal machine. If there is noise or buzzing noise when the car engine is turned on, then this shows if there is damage to your car's timing belt component. Damage to these components will cause certain components in a car's engine also suffered damage. This is because the supply of electric the accumulator does not work with optimal. So try checking the timing belt on a regular basis.

Car battery care

Car battery is a pretty vital components in a vehicle. For it is important to know how to care for a good car battery car battery in order to stay awake with a durable and long lasting. It is most easily done in taking care of car battery is to ascertain if the water level is always on battery which is of course, the boundary lines between the markers. Besides checking battery voltage battery gauge with through the voltmeter.

Clean filter carburetor

Factors that cause the car difficult of starter is a problem in the car in case of filter carburetor dirty. For that is the importance of cleaning the filter regularly carburetor in order not to interfere with the work of such components. To clean up really isn't difficult, you can use a toothbrush to release dirt and crusts that are stuck to the inside of the strainer. Do not use a compressor or a hairdryer as it would risk damaging the filter layer carburetor

Discard the crust machine

This is usually done how to care for old car engine. For the cars that are frequently used in car engines usually there is crust stuck in it. The crust clinging too long will be increasingly difficult to be eliminated. So it's important to throw away the crust-crust stuck to the machine regularly. It's easy, you could step on the gas pedal a bit deeper so that the machine can loss crust and out through the exhaust. But if you do it in the street, then make sure if you do it in a secure position.

Fill the fuel tank full

Many people have a habit of not filling the fuel tank to the brim. It turns out this custom made dirt and the crust stuck to the top of the fuel tank. So there is no harm if once in a while you fill the fuel tank to the full in order to maintain the condition of the top clean and free from dirt and crusts. The crust is inside the fuel tank would be extremely dangerous when carried in a channel of combustion.

In addition use fuel that is in accordance with the recommendation. Usually the car manufacturer will recommend to use high-octane fuel and free of lead. The fuels that contain lead can make the occurrence of blockage and the machine will fail to work.

Do regular tune up

Do a tune up on a regular basis in car workshops. This will make the car engine be remain durable and working optimally. At a time when the process of tune up, vital components in the car's engine will be checked thoroughly. So that in case of damage and problems, you can immediately resolve it.


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