7 Car Components That Must Be Replaced Periodically

7 Car Components That Must Be Replaced Periodically

7 Car Components That Must Be Replaced Periodically
7 Car Components That Must Be Replaced Periodically

Perhaps many people are already doing regular treatment against his car, for reasons of durability and performance of the vehicle. However, still many who do not care about his car. 

Car maintenance should be performed periodically. The goal is to keep the car is always in top condition and is not problematic when used.

Some treatments, one of which is the replacement parts that required the owner of the vehicle. This is because the spare parts have a life that is recommended by the manufacturer. Replacement parts are late can cause problems at any time.

This is a mandatory component of the 7 cars were replaced at regular intervals so that the car still working smoothly:

Engine oil

Engine oil serves to lubricate the inside of the machine and keep the inside of the machine worked fine. Oli also serves as a cooling machine. Because of the need to work hard so the oil should be replaced on a 1,000 km first usage. Regular oil replacement required.

Spark plug                   

Spark plug serves to set the fire so that the internal combustion engine can run. If the spark plug is already dirty and need to be replaced should do immediately. Spark plug replacement is usually done at a distance of 20,000 km of usage and 50,000 km.

Brake canvas

Braking function can not be viewed lightly. The use of a car for everyday driving conditions plus in the city that often stop making canvas brakes work hard. Replacement of these components is usually adapted to the routine examination of the vehicle or every 20,000 km once the examination.

Clutch canvas

Canvas clutch functions is to help send power to the wheels of the engine. Canvas clutch quickly depleted because of the condition of the streets. Replacement canvas clutch is advised when entering the 10,000 and 50,000 km or pemeriksalah any routine maintenance of the vehicle.


Battery or accumulator is an important part of the car. The power supply from the battery is able to make the whole car functions work normally. When aki have long worn, usually 2 or 3 years would cause the problem of traction and should immediately replace the battery.

Lamp Parts

Lamp is one of the components that must be frequently replaced. The age of life is affected by electrical problems are usually due to improper installation and damage from the outside. The age of the lamp current usage on average 1.5 years at maximum usage.


Each filter in the vehicle has a lifetime that is relatively low. Its function is to maintain the quality of the materials used-vehicle standards and run as its function. Filters are often changed usually filter filter fuel, oil, air filter and cabin filter cooling vehicles. The average of the filter be replaced every 5,000 km, 10,000 km, 20,000 km and 50,000 km.
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