10 Steps Cleaning Up An Old Car Engine To Become New Again

10 Steps Cleaning Up An Old Car Engine To Become New Again

10 Steps Cleaning Up An Old Car Engine To Become New Again
10 Steps Cleaning Up An Old Car Engine To Become New Again

Although the technology is increasingly sophisticated and make lots of these kinds of cars are high-tech and modern circulating on the market, but the old cars still exist and are of interest to most people. For owners of older cars, they never looked atexisting technology from the side on the car but more on the aesthetic value and uniqueness that is owned by the car. Same thing with the car in General, old cars alsoneed care.

Even old cars require maintenance and checking of the more routine because of the condition of the engine anyway. So how to care for and clean up old car surely will be slightly different than the car in General, especially in the cleaning of car engines.Moreover, the age of the machine is quite old, so need to be properly cared for and should not be indiscriminate. Well here's how to clean up an old car engine you can do.

How To Clean An Old Car Engine:

The Selection of The Right Car Wash

In cleaning up the old car's engine is actually almost identical to the cars in General.Before cleaning, you need to choose the right place or location that you will use to clean your car's engine. Place the washing machine the exact car you can do in a cool, this is due to a cool will give you comfort yourself when washing the car. Choosealso light spot making it easier for you to clean all components within the engine. Moreover, in the machine there are many components to consider when cleaning it.

Note also the places around you don't get close to the fire, let alone the car fuel and materials used in cleaning the car's engine is a liquid that is flammable, so need to be cared for properly. In addition, choose a place not dusty because it would hamper the process of washing your car's engine. Dusty places instead going to make components in the machine exposed to the dust that may result in new problems.

Make Sure The Engine In Cold Conditions

Do not clean your car engine occasionally in conditions of heat. So make sure your first clean up a dirty machine in condition that's been cool. Wash the car engine in a State that is still hot will make the car experienced sudden cooling which finally makes some components can undergo deformation or curved. If the engine components in it to experience deformation of course will cause disruption on the car engine. Moreover, the condition of your car's engine is quite old already.

Wrap All Electrical Components

After the car's engine is ready to be washed, then you can wrap the first all electric components inside the machine. It is aimed so that the component is not the entry of water when the process of washing machines. You can close it by using the aluminium foil or any thing that can be a protector safe for electrical devices. But on the old machine, maybe just a little electrical components must be protected if compared with the latest cars at this time.

Select The Proper Soap

The selection of the proper soap is also noteworthy, let alone the condition of your machine that was already old. There are many types of soap that you can use ranging from bell. Soap, water, and other dresser. Kerosene can you use to clean the discharge the oil that is in the engine room. There are also some people who use solar for the clean up engine, but noteworthy because solar will be more flammable and risky in comparison with kerosene. Currently there are also special cleaners such as engine degrease can be used to clean the area of your old car engine, but the price is indeed quite expensive.

Clean The Easy Part First

After that, you can start cleaning the machine parts that are easily affordable. You can start cleaning up all the dirt that is in the engine, for example, the former car oil droplets around the machine included on the attached hood, engine room, as well as on the mechanisms of a car's engine. Start by cleaning the bottom of the hood of the car, spray water on that part but remember the need to carefully and do not use a high pressure.

You can use Soap to clean it pokes because it can dissolve the dirt and grease andoil. Scrub with a brush using a little rough to clean, but remember to keep it slowly.After a reasonably clean, flush with water. Do not let the soap dries itself because it can leave scars or spots. Afterwards dry it with a clean soft cloth to use.

Continue On To The Hard Part is Affordable

After that proceed to the hard part is affordable, you can try to clean it with a used toothbrush that can reach out to the sidelines the hardest one. When you're done, you can rinse using clean water. Make sure the remaining oil or soap is not attached to the machine and the machine really clean. For those of you who clean the engine using kerosene, there are a few things to note.

There are several components that you cannot clean with kerosene, especially on the component with a rubber material. Starting from rubber damper, hose-hose ac, and more. Clean these components by using kerosene instead will make rubber melarand damaged.

Clean the Radiator and Air Conditioning Parts

Further clear at the AC and radiator. Some old car owners there are indeed modifying his car by adding the cooling system. This section was rather difficult to clean up. Air Conditioning and radiator are located and placed permanently. So you need to unpack it first the front grill. This also do not disassemble easily and need prudence because easy to broken.

You can remove dirt stuck in sekitanya first. After that, the spray of water slowly butdon't get about the delicate lattice and high pressure cleaner. Do not use water pressure is high.

Dry the car engine

After all the parts of the machine have been noticeably cleaner, the next step that you have to do is dry out your old car's engine. You can use a clean, soft cloth to wipe your car's engine. Then spray with using silicon components made of rubber. After that let stand a while until absorbed perfectly and then clean with a cotton rag.

Provide Lubricants

Don't forget to provide the lubricant on the part that rightfully was indeed given lubricant, let alone the condition of your machine which is already quite old. For example, on the grease on the key opening the hood. Spray on all parts of the rubber belt using the belt dresser. It is considered effective because you can remove the rest of the water that is still attached to the machine component.

Turn On Your Car's Engine

Check back all parts on your vehicle's engine, if there's still a dirty or not. If Yes, then you can clean it again and dry using a cloth. However if it is reasonably clean, you can try turn on the vehicle's engine so that it can dry out the hard part is affordable in order to dry. With dry evenly of course there is no residual water that was still attached to the vehicle's engine.

Well that last couple of how to clean the engine of an old car that you can do. Actual washing machine the old car and the new car is the same, just that you need to be a little careful because the condition of the machine that was already long enough. Hopefully the above information can be useful for you.


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